Minneapolis Legalizes Outdoor Flea Markets

June 5, 2013

Who knew??!!  It has not been legal to have outdoor flea markets in Minneapolis for the past 60 years – they were only allowed to be held indoors!  I’ve always been just a teentsy bit envious –  OK, I admit it,  a lot envious – of all the people that have flea markets in their cities.  Flea markets could start popping up here as early as this summer.  According to Council Member Gary Schiff, who sponsored the ordinance and is currently running for mayor,“they encourage the re-use of items. They provide space for people who are collectors of vintage, antique and other reused items, and they help really create part of that sustainable local economy that we need”.  The City Council Committee vote unanimously approved Schiff’s ordinance change, and moved Minneapolis one step closer to the return of the second-hand market.  Bless his heart.

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